Real name Garth
Age 17
Species Atlantean
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Mentor Queen Mera


Affiliation Teen Titans
Powers and Abilities
Powers Hydrokinesis, Atlantean Sorcery, Atlantean Adaptation
Primary Skill Genius Intellect, Expert Combatant

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aqualad is a young atlantean with fair skin and a slim, muscular figure. He has long black hair thats usually tied into a ponytail but can reach to about his shoulders. He has enthusiastic ocean blue eyes and a handsome face. He wears a a black vest with a glowing blue outline over a skin tight arm less blue shirt. He wears black armbands, aswell as black hip kilts and shorts that match his vests with glowing blue designs. Like all atlanteans, Aqualad does not wear shoes.


Aqualad is a very soft spoken, calm and clear headed person who is unlike most of his fellow Titans. He is an experienced sidekick which is why he as well as Nightwing are looked at as the seniors of the group, showing Aqualad's respect for his responsibilities. Despite his calm behavior, Aqualad was still a teenager, and could at times behave rashly and impulsively.



Aquaman: Aqualad has always looked to Aquaman as not only an authority figure but an example for heroism. After becoming his protege, Aqualad's respect for his King grew as they're similar personalities led them to become close.

Queen Mera: Queen Mera was Aqualad's first teacher and mentor while he studied at the Atlantean Conservatory of Sorcery. There he became well versed as her top student and a skilled sorcerer in both Combat and defensive arts. Aqualad maintains a deep respect to his former teacher as an Atlantean he feels his far superior in skill to himself.

Nightwing: After journeying to the surface, Aqualad met Dick Grayson during his time as Robin and became close friends due to their common role as sidekicks. After becoming close friends they both formed the Teen Titans alongside Kid Flash. Even during Dick's time as Nightwing in the Titans, he and Aqualad have remained close allies and great friends.

Kid Flash: After meeting Nightwing, he was introduced to Wally West or Kid Flash. They could both relate as sidekicks and had a common respect for each other as friends. He along with Nightwing and Kid Flash formed the Teen Titans, currently Aqualad and Kid Flash act as co-superiors of the Titans second only to their leader and friend, Nightwing.

Teen Titans: Other then Nightwing and Kid Flash, Aqualad maintains both a friendly and professional relationship with the rest of the Titans as an authority figure, him being a founding member and veteran sidekick. He is well respected as the leader of Titans East, he is also well known by the other members of the Titans aswell.