Real name Garth
Age 17
Species Atlantean
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Mentor Queen Mera


Affiliation Teen Titans
Powers and Abilities
Powers Hydrokinesis, Atlantean Sorcery, Atlantean Adaptation
Primary Skill Genius Intellect, Expert Combatant

Background HistoryEdit

Seizing OpportunityEdit

Garth grew up as a normal Atlantean, taking an interest in Atlantean Sorcery from a young age. He studied combat arts while he was growing up and became known as a prodigy of sorts. While remaining in his studies, Garth wished to visit the surface world where he could expand his ever growing curiosities. Oppurtunity struck as Ocean Master attacked Atlantis and bested King Orin. Unike many others, Garth took this moment to showcase his strength and save Aquaman from the Tyrant allowing him to defeat Ocean Master. Thankfull for Garths actions, Aqualad allowed him to become his protege on the surface world, to be known as Aqualad.

After fufilling his desires to live on the surface world, Aqualad became aquainted with the other young heroes of his time, including his newly encountered best friends, Robin and Kid Flash. During this time oppurtunity would return as Aqualad and his friends decided to form a Team to work alongside the Justice LEague, to prove their worth to their supperiors just as Aqualad did to his King. They formed the Teen Titans, an organization of prospering young heroes, which Aqualad is a prowd member of. Aqualad remains a core member of the Teen Titans, still alongside Kid Flash and and former Robin Nightwing.

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