Real name Arthur Curry
Alias King Orin
Age 30
Species Atlantean
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Relatives Queen Mera (Wife)
Affiliation Justice League

Atlantean Empire

Powers and Abilities
Powers Marine Telepathy, Super Strength, Underwater Breathing & Superspeed Swimming
Primary Skill Master Combatant

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aquaman resembles a tall muscular caucasian male with short blonde hair, a beard and ocean blue eyes. He wears an orange scale mail tunic and dark green leggings. At his waist is a gold belt that is clasped with a stylized letter "A", which has a built-in communicator. He also wears golden gauntlets on his wrists, and dark green greaves.


Aquaman is a bold and level headed King. As the King of the Earth's oceans, he behaves in a very regal and formal manner, especially in his own home in the Kingdom of Atlantis. However, he seems to have his soft spots, he does not view Humans as inferior and is in fact infatuated with their existence and is always willing to protect them as if they were Atlanteans.

Super Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Great Physical Conditioning: As an Atlantean, Aquaman is naturally very physically powerful. His strength, speed and stamina are supperior to humans in several different ways.

  • ​Enhanced Durability: Aquaman's unoticably tough skin and atlantean blood allows him to withstand high water pressure and powerful attacks.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Aquaman has naturally higher stamina then that of a human, yet he developed this to a higher level through his own training. He is able to stay awake without eating or sleeping for days shown when he effectivley runs his kingdom, days on end.

Master Combatant: Aquaman is a very capable combatant, relying on close combat when fighting an enemy. He possess super strength which allows him to overpower and injure his opponents with little to no effort in most cases.

  • Master Tactician: Aquaman is a very famous figure and has a large effect of leadership on many he encounters. With that in mind he is able to effectivley use his knowledge to lay out strategic plans that utilize his and others abilities underwater that normally suceed.

High Intelligence: Aquaman has proven to be very knowledgable in the areas of world history and can effectivley memorize and state the anatomy of most species on the planet.

  • Multilingualist: Aquaman is cable of speaking several human languages and atlantean.

Atlantean Adaptation: Because Aquaman is of Atlantean origin, he has adapted underwater conditions. He is adapted with a tougher body to withstand waterpressure, gills that can breath both water and air and even the ability to telepathically communicate with Marine life aswell as superhuman strength and swimming speed.

  • Super Strength: As an atlantean, Aquaman possess above normal human strength. He has developed this into super strength comparable to Martians. Aquaman is easily able to lift,crush and destroy things over twice his mass.
  • Marine Telepathy: Aquaman possess the ability to telepathically communicate with marine life and other atlanteans, and is able to impose his will to command them and have them follow accordingly.
  • Superspeed Swimming: As an Atlantean, Aquaman possess the ability to swim at incredible speeds in the highest pressured waters.
  • Underwater Breathing: It goes without saying that as an Atlantean, Aquaman possess the ability to breathe underwater.
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