Real name Arthur Curry
Alias King Orin
Age 30
Species Atlantean
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Relatives Queen Mera (Wife)
Affiliation Justice League

Atlantean Empire

Powers and Abilities
Powers Marine Telepathy, Super Strength, Underwater Breathing & Superspeed Swimming
Primary Skill Master Combatant

Background HistoryEdit

Arthur Curry was the son of lighthouse keepers Tom and Atlanna Curry. Arthur lived an enjoyable life as a privileged child who loved the water and was surprised when he manifested incredible strength and speed at a young age, as well as the abilities to breathe underwater and talk to fish. He found this vary odd and on her deathbed, Arthur's mother confessed she was the exiled Queen of Atlantis and the source of Arthur's mysterious powers.

Arthur was inspired to leave the surface and journey to reclaim his original home, Atlantis. Knowing that he was heir to the throne he was quickly outcast-ed by the tyrant, Ocean Master until Arthur secretly enlisted himself into the royal army. It was their that Arthur gained many allies including his love, Mera who helped him overthrow the evil Ocean Master in the Atlantean Revolution. Arthur took up the guise as Aquaman, hero of both and land and Sea and battled Ocean Master with the help of a young man named Garth. With their combined strength, Aquaman and Garth were victorious and his people welcomed him as the new King of Atlantis alongside his appointed Queen Mera. As a reward for helping him, he allowed Garth to become his sidekick named Aqualad.

The revolution brought Aquaman to the attention of several superheroes that he fought alongside against several alien monsters. Afterwards they formed the all powerful Justice League with Aquaman as a prominent member.

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