Real name Roy Harper
Alias Speedy (Former)
Age 18
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Blue
Mentor Green Arrow
Affiliation Outlaws
Powers and Abilities
Powers Gadgets
Primary Skill Master Marksman, Master Combatant (more...)
Equipment Trick Arrows

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Peak Physical Conditioning: Arsenal trained himself vigorously under Brave Bow, and by himself. He further improved his noticible muscle tone for his age and has strength and speed comparable to Green Arrow himself.

  • Enhanced SpeedArsenal maintains a muscular yet light figure and is easily able to run across roof tops and city streets at considerably high speeds.
  • Enhanced ReflexesArsenal has developed a very fast responce time. Despite using a long ranged weapon Arsenal is able to effectivley dodge and counter close range attacks with his trick arrows.
  • Enhanced StaminaArsenal has a high fatigue resistance, developed due to his own intensive training regiment while he was on his own from a young age.

Skilled Combatant: While more then likely relying on his marskmanship, Arsenal has an impressive knowledge of martial arts shown when he rarley resorts to hand to hand combat. Even so he is an impressive marksman with a fine dexteriety with his weaponry.

  • Master Marksman: With an archer's main weapon being the bow and arrow, the aim of the marksman can mean the difference between life and death. Arsenal is a highly skilled marksman, having been trained by the best by two masters of the art, Brave Bow and Green Arrow. Arsenal is well versed on how to use different types of trick arrows to his advantage aswell, able to pick and load the correct one without looking.
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