Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle
Real name Jaime Reyes
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Affiliation Teen Titans
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Scarab

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jaime Reyes is a teenage Hispanic male with short black hair and brown eyes. He usually wears casual clothing: sweatshirts, t-shirts and jeans.

As Blue Beetle, he resembles an insect in a blue full-body suit, exactly like his namesake. He can extend two large wings behind his back and can transform his limbs into various tools and weapons.


Blue Beetle seems to have a relaxed, mellow attitude when it comes to simple missions. His teammates find him odd because he appears to talk and argue with himself on many occasions, when it is actually the Blue Beetle Scarab interacting with him.

He dislikes the Scarab's artificial intelligence, and is constantly at odds with it, and reacted favorably when Superboy called it an "inner demon". He disagrees with its suggestions on most occasions, as it finds lethal courses of action preferable to capture and restraint. After being released from Reach control, he and the Blue Beetle Scarab come to an understanding.