Super Hero
Real name Victor Stone
Age 19
Species Half Human, Half Machine
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Affiliation Justice League

Teen Titans

Powers and Abilities
Powers Cybernetic Enhancement
Primary Skill Genius Intellect, Master Combatant
Equipment Large Arsenal of Weapons

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cyborg is a large, half-mechanical man with obvious physical adjustments to his body. Judging from the human parts that are visible, he is a bald, dark-skinned man with black eyes. The remainder of his body is covered in dark cybernetic plating. 


Cyborg is known to be very comedic and an enjoyable personality while with friends such as the teen titans. This is more or less to keep what little humanity he has left in tact. Cyborg constantly struggles to with his humanity as a machine, although his advancements have made him an unstoppable powerhouse.

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