Real name Barry Allen
Age 31
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Relatives Iris West-Allen (wife)

Rudy West (brother in law)
Mary West (sister in law)
Wally West (nephew)

Mentor Jay Garrick
Affiliation Justice League
Powers and Abilities
Powers Super Speed
Equipment Costume Ring

Background HistoryEdit

Barry Allen was born two weeks late from his set arrival to life, this expanded into Allen's habit of being late. He grew up with a troubled family, when he was young his mother died and his father was convicted giving Barry a strong sense of justice. On his own as a ward of the state, Barry Allen took in interest in Central Cities hero, The Flash. Jay Garrick was the Flash at the time and the two had a father son like bonding. He eventually learned of the chemical explosion that gave Garrick his powers, and set out to recreate it. He succeeded in doing so, but his controlled experimental explosion was even more effective than Garrick's original accident, making him even faster then his idol. As years passed, Jay finished grooming Barry Allen to become a hero, Garrick retired and allowed Allen to become the new Flash.

He became notably different and stronger then the older flash but always promised himself to never overshadow his idol. Barry decided to use his knowledge in forensic sciences to earn his way into becoming a member of central city's CSI. Barry maintained a close relationship with Garrick who introduced Flash to the many other super heroes of the World. This led to Flash and these other heroes into creating the Justice League. Garrick also introduced Barry into another Central City Citizen, Iris West who quickly fell in love with Barry and they were married.

Her sister Mary West's son Wally West who was already a fan of The Flash's suggested that he'd become the Barry's sidekick. Barry was reluctant, and did not want to bear the responsibility of mentoring a young partner like Batman, Aquaman and Green Arrow had been doing. But Wally was determined and he stole Barry's notes on the chemical explosion. After recreating it with his chemistry set, Wally ended up in the hospital. No solace from Iris could convince Barry it wasn't his fault. Wally made a full recovery, and it turned out the experiment worked on him as well, though to a lesser degree. Flash eventually agreed to let him become "Kid Flash", but only if his nephew did everything he said.

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