Gotham City is an infamous city, home of The Batfamily and houses some of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe.
Gotham City


Gotham is a major city in the united states and it lies on the shores of Lake Gotham. It is an industrial city with many tall skyscrapers and business buildings that makes it the perfect targets for thieves and criminals. It is said that it and Metropolis are Twin Cities due to their size and high crime rate, they also share the fact that two of the top Superheroes live and watch over them

Heroes of GothamEdit

Heroes of Gotham City
Icon Batman Icon Robin Icon Batgirl
Batman Robin Batgirl

Villains of GothamEdit

Villains of Gotham City
Icon Joker Icon Black Mask Icon Ra's Al Ghul Icon Catwoman Icon Penguin
Joker Black Mask Ra's Al Ghul Catwoman Penguin
Icon Bane Icon Poison Ivy Icon Freeze Icon Red Hood Icon Clayface
Bane Poison Ivy Mister Freeze Red Hood Clayface