Green Arrow
Green Arrow
Real name Oliver Queen
Age 35
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Justice League
Powers and Abilities
Powers Gadgets
Primary Skill Master Marksman, Master Combatant (more...)
Equipment Trick Arrows

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Peak Physical Conditioning: Oliver Queen used the finest body building equipment, even during his ten a wealthy buissnessman. He eventually developed impressive muscle conditioning on par with the finest olympic atheletes, comparable to Batman.

  • Enhanced Reflexes: Green Arrow prefers to use bow and arrows in combat, despite using a ranged weapon Green Arrow is able to easily combat enemies at close range. He is able to evade and menuever quickly in order to get a point blank shot with his pin point accuracy.
  • Enhanced Speed: Green Arrow has a large build, but is very quick on his feet. In order to gain a perfect shot, he is used to quickly moving around view points with his speed.
  • Enhanced Strength: Green Arrow possess great strength as he is able to pull back and fire his arrow to astonishing lengths with his pure muscle force, with the simplest bow. He also posses enough strength to knock out most of his enemies at close range using either his bow or his fists alone.
  • Enhanced Stamina: As the eternal robin hood of Star City, Green Arrow has a finely tuned fatigue and damage resistance. He is able to patrol for hours even at his age and effectivley utilize whatever energy he has.

High Intellect: As a former high in buissness owner, Oliver Queen has great buissness, financial and technological knowledge having degrees in several fields before running his own company. He has hand crafted his finest arrows with his knowledge of technology.

  • Poly Mathematician: Oliver Queen has studied many maths and sciences in order to properly create technology and effectivley boost his former buissness.

Master Combatant: While highly preffering to use his ranged weaponry, Green Arrow is well versed in the arts of hand to hand combat. He is able to subdue a number of enemies without any arrows while either aided the blunt force of his bow, or simply is fists.

  • Master Marksman: Green Arrow arguably the greatest marksman in the DC Universe, surpassing that of Batman. He has incredible dexteriety and accuracy with his bow and arrows and rarley ever misses his targets. He is effective at utilizing his range and knowledge of several different kinds of trick arrows in his arsenal, having skillfully memorized each and every one.
  • Master Tactician: Green Arrow is wise in effectiley leading a long ranged covert team. He is well versed in the arts of stealth and can effectivley plan out a near perfect plan of attack.
  • Master of Stealth: During his early career, Green Arrow was forced to hide from the currupt organizations of the high end buissnessmen that he used to work with. He is well versed in the arts of sneaking around, he is effectivley able to use the silent effect of his archery while never being spotted by a target.
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