Green Arrow
Green Arrow
Real name Oliver Queen
Age 35
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Justice League
Powers and Abilities
Powers Gadgets
Primary Skill Master Marksman, Master Combatant (more...)
Equipment Trick Arrows


Recurve Bow: Green Arrow has a high dexterity in using his ranged bows along with his many trick arrows. Green Arrows uses many different recurve bows normally colored in a shade of green, he uses them interchangeably for different purposes.

Trick Arrows: Green Arrow uses an arsenal of Arrows that can have various purposes and effects after being fired from his bow. He has memorized each which are carried on his back, he is well versed in how to use each for different situations.

  • Explosive Arrows: Arrows that explode on impact, they can release noxious and knockout gasses aswell as a thick black smoke.
  • Punch Arrows: Arrows that release a boxing glove after being fired in order to increase the blunt force of the shot.
  • Buzz Saw Arrows: Arrows that have a buzz saw replacing the tip in order to have an increased cutting effect on an object.
  • Net Arrows: Arrows that release a net in order to capture targets.
  • Shock Arrows: Arrows that electricute a target on impact.
  • Zip Line Arrow: Arrows that carry a zip line, allowing Green Arrow to slide across large areas or down large slopes.
  • Stun Arrow: An arrow that detonates on impact, releasing a bright light in order to stunn and disorient the target.
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