Green Arrow
Green Arrow
Real name Oliver Queen
Age 35
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Justice League
Powers and Abilities
Powers Gadgets
Primary Skill Master Marksman, Master Combatant (more...)
Equipment Trick Arrows

Background HistoryEdit

Green Arrow former

Green Arrow fought for those without a voice as his own version of "Robin Hood"

Oliver Queen was a wealthy business owner who was famous throughout Star City for his success. Oliver experienced many criminal corruptions and wrong doings in the upper class and refused to go along with them, just to maintain his fortune. Oliver decided to sell his company for 4 Billion dollars and then sought to fight the injustices of his home city with the money he earned, rather then abuse his wealth like his fellow businessmen.

He had always been well versed in archery and because of that he created the superhero, Green Arrow to watch over star city. He based himself as a Robin Hood, a hero who would help the poor and oppressed people as a priority rather then the rich and prosperous who were causing the crime, a group he formerly belong too. He became famous as the hero of Star City and was soon brought to the attention of the Justice League, they acknowledged him as a potentially great hero and offered him the chance to join them, he quickly and proudly accepted the offer.

After making a great name for himself, a young man named Roy Harper sought to impress Green Arrow in hopes of becoming his partner in crime. Impressed and honored that he has inspired Roy, Oliver took him in as his young ward while Green Arrow created him into his crime fighting sidekick, Speedy. After several years of fighting crime together, Speedy began to drift away from Green Arrow on terms of personality, in an effort to rectify their relationship, he placed Speedy with the Teen Titans in hopes of giving him a chance to "grow up". Green Arrow decided to partner with Batman, Red Tornado and Captain Marvel as a unit who would watch over the Titans.

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