Hero Cap

Heroes are described the individuals in the world that fight for justice. Officially, Heroes in the DC Universe are certain individuals who use their talents or supernatural abilities to protect the world from Villans. 


Heroes can be any individual, human, alien or even animal that preforms a heroic act. By more recognizable definition, heroes are the individuals who take on disquises and personas in order to fight villans and protect the good. Heroes within the DC Universe normally align themselves with the Justice League, Teen Titans or Legion of Super Heroes. 


  • Sidekick: Sidekicks are superheroes considered to inexperienced to be on their own, normally very young these heroes are mentored by superheroes to create factions such as the Dynamic Duo; Batman and Robin. 
  • Hero: Heroes are the most common level of hero, usually those who appear often enough to support the efforts of a just cause and face villans.
  • Super Hero: Super Heroes are the famous, individual heroes who are able to take on a sidekick. These heroes normally take on their own city to protect on their own.
  • LeaguerLeaguers are the highest level of hero, they are the primary members of the Justice League and the main heroes of the DC Universe.  
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