Lagoon Boy
Lagoon Boy
Real name La'gaan
Age 17
Species Atlantean
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Mentor Aquaman
Affiliation Teen Titans


Physical AppearanceEdit

Lagoon Boy is a male Atlantean with amphibious adaptations. He has green skin, red eyes and webbed ears, claws and feet. He has dark green fins on his head, the ends of which he has tied on a pony tail. He wears black shorts, and a black pouch around his ankle.

In his "puffer mode" his body is inflated like a puffer fish, with glowing mystic tattoos on his arms.


Lagoon Boy is an easy going inidividual who displays frustration at the lack of action he receives during field missions and has demonstrated times of aggressive impulsiveness when it comes to battle. He often uses Atlantean slang and euphemisms in his speech; he is especially fond of using "Neptune's Beard", and calling people who he does not particularly like as "Chum"

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